An Inclusive Litany


High school senior Yat-pang Au was surprised to have been denied admission to attend the University of California at Berkeley. He maintained a straight A average, and had SAT scores in the 98th percentile at 1,340. He ran a Junior Achievement company, won varsity letters in cross country and track, and was elected to the student council and school Supreme Court. He won seven scholarships, including prizes from the National Society of Professional Engineers, Bank of America Laboratory Science, and Santa Clara County Young Businessman of the Year club. His school's vice principal described him as "one of the finest students I've ever encountered, and a real gentleman too." While at first Yat-pang thought that he was denied admission because the University's standards were too high even for him, he later found that ten other students from his high school were accepted, students with lower test scores and grades, but who were not Asian.

[Ed.: While Asians are often discriminated against in the admissions process, universities often include their grades when boasting of "minority" achievement.]

Sandra Wong, in the July 1991 Monthly Planet, a publication of the Santa Cruz County Nuclear Weapons Freeze:
I am writing this letter because I believe the time has come for women as a gender to fully take on equal rights and also take some of the blame for the current water crisis that has been a part of our daily lives for the last five years. Many people, in fact most people who read this, will think that I am off my rocker, but if you will bear with me (males), and if you try this (females), we will save untold gallons of water, expedite the process and create a more sanitary environment.

What I am talking about is the fact that every time a woman uses the restroom she flushes the toilet using between five and eight gallons of water as opposed to every time a man uses a urinal he uses only a gallon or two. What I am proposing is that women begin using the urinals that are already equipped in the dual-sex restrooms in restaurants, nightclubs, school dormitories and other places where they might be found, and that the private sector begin installing them in existing female restrooms.

The majority of the population feels that this is absolutely impossible, a female standing to urinate, but in reality, it is a rather easy thing to do. Almost every woman on earth at some time has wished she could accomplish this. I, myself, have been doing it since my mother taught it to me as an alternative to "hovering" when I was about five years old. You do not need devices such as a funnel and no artificial prosthetic apparatus either. Your God-given anatomy is all you need.