An Inclusive Litany


In the Utne Reader, November/December, 1989, Jon Tevlin reports from a seminar conducted by Dr. Shepherd Bliss, who helps men recover their lost male essence by, among other means, "joining the world of the four-leggeds":
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Shepherd coming toward me, head down, tufts of white hair ringing a bald spot.... Meanwhile I felt a slight presence at my rear, and turned to see a man beginning to sniff my buttocks. "Woof!" he said.

[Ed.: I presume the name "Shepherd" is just a coincidence.]

A New York City tour company advertised a special $40 bus tour of neighborhoods "that tourists do not get to see." The tour includes the South Bronx, described as a "burnout wilderness."

Among the job titles in the District of Columbia's public school system are "Employee Development Specialist," "Community Coordinator," "Interagency Liaison," and "Position Classification Specialist."