An Inclusive Litany


Protesting a 1990 visit by Vice President Dan Quayle to Portland, Oregon, a group of more than 20 artists calling themselves the Reverse Peristalsis Painters publicly vomited in red, white, and blue colors. The group called its action "a work of public art." In a flier, the painters said: "Look at the medium. Think about why it was chosen over conventional paint. Think about why Dan Quayle is visiting Portland. Look at our painting. Think about your government. Throw up your values." The colored vomit was created by ingesting mashed potatoes with either red, blue, or no food coloring mixed in. Then all took ipecac syrup or plain vinegar. One problem with the vomit was that for some reason the blue actually looked more greenish.

Muttering that "being Chief of State is an extremely thankless job," former Emperor Bokassa I of the Central African Republic went on trial for homicide, infanticide, embezzlement, treason, torture, theft and cannibalism.

After a 1987 Northwest Airlines crash in Detroit, The New York Times reported that an enterprising "runner" for a law firm dressed up as a priest in order to mingle among grieving families.

In Ohio, it is illegal to advertise beer if you are wearing a Santa Claus suit, including if you are a dog.

A Texas gubernatorial candidate, informed that his "ten-point educational program" contained only nine points, replied, "You just pointed your finger and emphasized the problem we're trying to solve."