An Inclusive Litany


A Georgia man who lost his job after assaulting his supervisor went to court to get his job back, saying that he suffered from a "maladaptive reaction to psychological stressor" condition and should therefore be considered handicapped.

Stanford's "Safe Sex Explorer's Action Packed Starter Kit Handbook" advises, "USE CONDOMS FOR F***ING: with several partners, ALWAYS CLEAN UP AND CHANGE RUBBERS BEFORE GOING FROM ONE PERSON TO ANOTHER."

Canadian authorities blamed the rising price of cigarettes (about $7 a carton because of higher taxes imposed as part of the government's effort to curb smoking) for the rash of cars and trucks being crashed through the doors of convenience stores. The occupants leap out, grab as many cartons of cigarettes as they can, jump back in the vehicles, and flee.

The family of Cynthia Barrientos has filed a product-liability suit against Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Barrientos died in 1986 from injuries received when a Panasonic television (manufactured by Matsushita) exploded. At the time of the accident, Barrientos was in the home of neighbors who were arguing. During the argument, one of the neighbors threw a bottle of cologne that hit the TV, breaking the picture tube and spilling ethyl alcohol into the tube. The alcohol was ignited by the electricity in the tube. The suit alleges that the TV was defectively designed and unreasonably dangerous. Matsushita claims that this set of circumstances was "bizarre" and couldn't reasonably be anticipated.