An Inclusive Litany


From a list of "violent" or "militaristic" phrases and suggested alternatives, in "Nonviolent Language," a brochure for Canadian teachers, published by the North York Women Teacher's Association of Ontario. The brochure advises teachers to replace common expressions that might "arouse violent images" with " 'catchy' nonviolent alternatives."

Violent Phrase Alternative
Kill two birds with one stone Get two for the price of one
There's more than one way to skin a cat There are different ways to solve a problem
Take a stab at it Go for it!
Get away with murder Avoid consequences
It's an uphill battle It's next to impossible
You're dead meat You're in serious trouble
Kick it around Consider the options
That's a low blow That's outside the rules
Hit them where it hurts Find their vulnerability
Crash the party Show up anyway
Shoot yourself in the foot Undermine your own position
Hit the computer key Press the computer key
Blown out of the water Reduced to nothing

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