An Inclusive Litany


It had to happen. Following a highly publicized series of hate crimes directed against Muslims in the wake of the terrorist attack on the United States, the inevitable hoax has surfaced.

Arizona State University junior Ahmad Saad Nasim, 23, confessed that he lied when he said he had earlier been beaten by a group of assailants who uttered racial epithets. The political science major admitted perpetuating the hoax after he was found lying inside a locked bathroom stall in the university's library, apparently attempting to fake another hate crime.

The initial hoaxed report received widespread national attention, and caused over 50 Muslim students to leave the ASU campus. Nasim followed up by writing a letter to the student newspaper. "Many of you e-mailed to show your support, gave online get well cards and many kind messages that made me burst into tears," he wrote. "My physical injuries will take time to wither away. But you Sun Devils have certainly taken care of the emotional pains I had." Bewildered friends said that Nasim had showed every sign of being an earnest activist on issues of multicultural tolerance.

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