An Inclusive Litany


Barbara Kingsolver, again, in the Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2001:
I feel like I'm standing on a playground where the little boys are all screaming at each other, "He started it!" and throwing rocks that keep taking out another eye, another tooth. I keep looking around for somebody's mother to come on the scene saying, "Boys! Boys! Who started it cannot possibly be the issue here. People are getting hurt."

I am somebody's mother, so I will say that now: The issue is, people are getting hurt.

[Ed.: There is much, much more, and it is simply a shame to abridge it. Kingsolver relates phoning a like-minded friend for support, and "we remind ourselves... that the last time we got to elect somebody, the majority of us, by a straight popular-vote count, did not ask for the guy who is currently telling us we will win this war and not be 'misunderestimated.' " (They certainly don't discuss the function of the Electoral College.) Kingsolver also lists several "alternatives to war," which include an end to corporate welfare and homelessness, a "humane health-care system" like Canada's, less energy consumption coupled with subsidies for renewable energy, signing the Kyoto agreement, adopting "a military budget the size of Iceland's," and building the "efficient public-transit system of Paris in my city," which for Kingsolver happens to be Tucson, Arizona.]

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