An Inclusive Litany


NBC's Tom Brokaw led off a profile of Donna Dees-Thomases, who organized the Million Mom March, "Woman to Watch: tonight an mother who'd never been politically active" until she saw footage of a 1999 shooting. She herself said that "at first, I didn't know the Brady Bill from The Brady Bunch" and that "I couldn't organize a class picnic."

But as the Media Research Center reported, Dees-Thomases had been heavily involved in politics for decades, serving as CBS spokesperson for four years (the same time the Brady Bill was being voted on in Congress), with responsibilities for the Washington bureau and the 1988 presidential campaign. She had previously worked four years in the press offices of two senators. Most recently, she maxxed out as a donor to the senatorial campaign of Hillary Clinton, one of her sister-in-law's closest friends.

[Ed.: Barbara Graham, one of the speakers at the march, was later convicted of shooting and paralyzing the man she thought killed her son, a man police say was not the murderer.]

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