An Inclusive Litany


In Bradenton, Florida, the apartment of Grant Griffin has been taken over by a colony of bats. During the day, bats can often be found in his sink or other areas throughout his home. At night, the bats make so much noise that he is often kept awake. Griffin and his girlfriend have even awoken to discover small bites on their bodies.

"I'm about as freaked out as I can get," Griffin told the Sarasota Herald Tribune. "I feel like there are things crawling all over me." But since the state of Florida considers the bats "native wildlife" and since they have not been found to be rabid, Griffin is forbidden from having them exterminated.

Griffin's landlord offered to put screens over the holes where the bats enter and exit the house to collect food, but during the summer mating season this would cause an unbearable stench from babies who died for lack of food.

After spending many nights at friends' homes to avoid the bats, Griffin has made plans to move.

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grant Griffin said...

The bats woke me up flapping their wings over my head in the bedroom.My girlfriend at that time and I were only bit once each.I had 21 bats in 21 days in my apt.The property manager did nothing.Belmont Park apts is where I lived at the time,in Bradenton,Fl.I slept at my girlfriends home off and on for 3 weeks.The bats came out of the AC vents in the apt,I'd find them in the tub,behind the mini blinds,laying on the carpet 2 ft from my head in my bedroom,in the kitchen. I like the apt I have now,no bats in my belfry here.My girlfriend said she never dated anybody who gave her rabies before, hahaa,Signed Grant Griffin