An Inclusive Litany


From a list of discussion groups and papers featured at a May conference at Yale University entitled "The Chicken: Its Biological, Social, Cultural, and Industial History from Neolithic Middens to McNuggets":

  • Chicken Consumption: History, Culture, Choice, and Taste
  • Chicken Eaters and Choice in Hartford
  • Chicken Flavor—the Quintessential Ingredient of Good Taste!
  • Chickens as Social Mediators and Currency in Borneo
  • Corn People on a Poultry Lane
  • Images of the Medieval Pheasant: The Chicken and Other Fowl in Medieval Cuisine and Ceremony
  • KFC, Chicken Flu, Free-Range Chickens, and Other Poultry Politics in Post-Socialist China
  • Making the Chicken of Tomorrow
  • The Chicken and Globalization
  • The Chicken Business: Southern Women and Poultry Production
  • The Chicken in America: The Past ... the Internet, the Future?
  • The Chicken in Folklore and Symbolism
  • The Fighting Cock and the Brooding Hen: Chickens as Symbols of Gender in Folklore and Literature
  • The Historical Creation of the Chicken
  • Thinking Like a Chicken
  • We're All Mexican Here
  • When Chickens Come to Town

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