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Description for "Islamic Fun!," a CD-ROM product manufactured by Innovative Minds of West Sussex, England:
Your child will learn about Islam by playing lots of exciting games, full of colourful animations and cute sounds effects. Six different games to choose from, with lots of levels—each time they play it's different—lots of fun! The games revolve around an Islamic database of over 1000 questions—each with audio, and lots of images. Three separate age groups supported: 5-7 years, 8-10 years and 11 and over—each with its own database of questions. Makes a great gift. It will keep the whole family entertained for years to come! No complicated installation procedures—just insert CD into drive, it autoruns from CD, there is no installation! Min. Requirements: Windows 95, 16Mb RAM, CD-ROM drive, Sound card. Price: Only £19.95

Some screen shots showing the Games:

Tree Hop
Help the cat retrieve its ball.

Two Bunny Race
Two player game—which bunny will cross the finish line first?

Building Blocks
Help build a mosque.

Meow Tiles
Help the cat uncover the image—what is this cute creature?

Fishing Bear
Help the bear fish, he has five hungry quests to feed!

The Resistance
You are a farmer in South Lebanon who has joined the Islamic Resistance to defend your land and family from the invading Zionists.
The London Independent details the game's contents, June 2, 2002:
Players procure ammunition to fire at Israeli tanks by answering multiple choice questions and then firing at the Israelis as the tanks roll across the screen. There are three playing levels: for children aged between five and seven years, those aged eight to 10, and the hardest level for children aged 11 and over.

Questions include "What was the crime of the Jews of Khayber?" and "Who said: 'I know I have been elected thanks to the votes of US Jews. I owe my election to them. Tell me what I have to do for the Jewish people' to Ben Gurion?"

Abbas Panjwani, the director of the company Innovative Minds, which produces Islamic Fun! said: "The game does not target any human beings including soldiers, it targets Israeli tanks. From that point of view it's no different from any other war game. It does not target any religious or racial group including the Jewish community. In fact its educational content teaches children the difference between Judaism and Zionism."

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