An Inclusive Litany


The New York Times, May 11, 2002, reports on colleges that allow male and female students to share dorm rooms:
The reason for the policy is to accommodate gay students who are uncomfortable about sharing living space with a roommate of the same sex, because of either homophobia or sexual tension.

"Straight men who live together often have a kind of locker-room mentality, with a lot of discussion about dating girls, having sex with girls, saying which girls are attractive," said Josh Andrix, a 2000 Haverford graduate who started the campaign for coeducational housing there. "Introducing a homosexual into that environment is uncomfortable. When I looked for housing, all the people it made sense for me to live with were women."

[Ed.: Note the legal justification commonly relied upon by universities to justify affirmative action: that "diversity" serves a positive educational purpose in encouraging students to realize that others they encounter don't necessarily share their customs.]

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