An Inclusive Litany


The text of a message received by Weekly Standard staff writer Stephen F. Hayes, from an unnamed journalism e-mail list to which he subscribes, reproduced at his magazine's website, April 19, 2002:
Hi everyone! I hope someone out there can help me. I'm looking for a young black entrepreneur—under 40, tech savvy, who has started his own dot-com or company—to profile for CNN NewsNight. Since this will be part of a series about race in America, the ideal candidate is someone who struggled or encountered discrimination while looking for jobs or working in the tech sector (also could be someone who became frustrated by the predominantly white male culture) and subsequently decided to strike out on his/her own. Or something along those lines. Could be anywhere in the U.S. If anyone knows of such a person or knows someone who does, please get in touch. Many thanks!

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