An Inclusive Litany


When a Pennsylvania gun-shop owner ordered a Dell laptop computer, the company refused to sell it to him, explaining that handguns imply terrorism, and that Dell is prohibited under U.S. law from exporting computers to terrorists.

In Goldsboro, North Carolina, four men broke into the home of Ronald Biggs and assaulted him with a baseball bat. Biggs broke up the attack by shooting one of the assailants. Biggs was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, while his assailants were all charged with misdemeanors. Don Campbell of Port Huron, Michigan, shot the assailant who broke into his store and attacked him. He was later charged with felonious use of a firearm, for which the prosecutor plea bargained with the assailant in exchange for testimony against Campbell.

And in Maryland, Donald Arnold, a Vietnam veteran who was voted the state's "Citizen of the Year," lost his gun permit after it was revealed that 33 years ago he got into a scuffle with a war protestor who called him a baby-killer.

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