An Inclusive Litany


Despite their generally progressive outlook, parents of students at Toronto's Frankland school are starting to get upset at the quality of the "equity education" their children are receiving. A first grader came home waving a gay pride flag, saying "Mom, I want to be in the parade!" even though he had no idea what it was about. Another confused child went home and said, "Mom, I don't think I'm gay." One elementary school student brought home a Vegan Food Pyramid and an application to the Toronto Vegetarian Society. A guest speaker had told students that meat eaters were ruining the environment and causing other children to go hungry. Another parent relates that during Black History Month, her children "spent the whole month talking about American slavery [and] would come home and say things like, 'Go get my meal! You're my slave!' "

"In the first two months of school, my 10-year-old studied no history at all," complained one parent. "He can tell you all about Portuguese harvest customs, vegetarianism, Filipino child labourers and children's rights. But he doesn't know the difference between the Parliament and the Senate." Another parent noted that the latest initiative, designed to teach equity, consisted of an exhibition basketball game between the school's teachers and a team of midgets.

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