An Inclusive Litany


Inspired by a book by Inga Muscio, titled Cunt: A Declaration of Independence, Penn State feminists sponsored an all-day "Cuntfest" devoted to the idea that the word used to be a respectable term referring to witches, priestesses, and goddesses, and should be reclaimed by women so that it wouldn't hurt when someone used it. Junior Michelle Yates, who initiated the festival, said: "It would be a beautiful day for a woman to be able to say, 'Thank you. Thank you for calling me a cunt.' " Senior Tarah Ausburn added: "Vagina comes from a word meaning 'sheath for a sword,' and I find that offensive and heterosexist."

[Ed.: 'Idiot,' 'moron,' and 'imbecile' were originally non-pejorative medical terms, and should be reclaimed. In February, Penn State's second annual "Sex Faire" featured amusements such as "orgasm bingo" and "pin the clitoris on the vulva."]

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