An Inclusive Litany


The Toronto National Post, May 18, 2000:

WASHINGTON—The United States will train high-resolution day and night cameras on its border with Canada following the foiling of a terrorist plot to detonate bombs in the United States on New Year's Eve, Bill Clinton said yesterday.

The U.S. President announced a package of high-technology security measures yesterday while providing new details on the charges against Ahmed Ressam, an Algerian native who worked in a convenience store in Montreal.

The Algerian native was part of a terrorist conspiracy organized by Osama bin Laden to detonate the bombs in the United States, Mr. Clinton told Coast Guard graduates in New London, Conn....

Another item, directly adjacent:

Canada's newest border guards will not mind a bit if you call them chicken—because that is what they are.

Hundreds of common hens are being enlisted by the federal government to carry out sentry duty on the border with the United States.

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