An Inclusive Litany


Ruth Ann Burns of Phoenix, Arizona, mother of 2-year-old Nicholas, is suing her doctors for failure to discover her pregnancy in time for her to have an abortion, thus making it difficult, after having two children already, to function independently for the first time in her life.

Attorneys for her doctors counter that she had the option to pursue an abortion after the pregnancy was discovered, but that she failed to pursue it. They add that Ms. Burns already knew a great deal about how to get an abortion in Phoenix, because she had done so three times from 1993 to 1995.


Nicholas Gomez-burns said...

This is nicholas and I would just like to say that this is mal information. If people would research facts, they would notice that the law suit was for mal practice not because the issue of abortion, but because the doctor did not somehow know tha I was a live fetus, no he thought I was a tumor or some other medical problem and idiotically gave certain drugs to my mother based bassically on his opinion and no solid facts . The only reason it became an issue of abortion was because the political happenings at the time.wherein abortion was a big deal with everything. My mother completly disagrees with abortion and was not planning on it . The reason she filed a lawsuit, was because she wanted a trustfund for me so if I ever did have anymedical issues , they could be taken care of .se has always wanted the best for me and my siblings .
My mother also adopted my cousin out of a dangerouse home knowing he had medical ,mental,and emotional problems so wouldn't it make sense that if she wanted to abourt me for fear of not being able to take care of my brother and sister ,than she wouldn't want to take my coisin in and treat him as her own ,which by the way she didn't have to do.
I conclude with this. Yes I am healthy and happy and have no impending major medical problems but how was my mother to know that? She didn't .and one last thing, if she wanted to, she cold have aborted me . She hade the time .if she really wanted to she could have waited another month or s and still have aborted me.I know I have some misspellings,don't let that distract whomever this concerns.

Nicholas Gomez-burns said...

Also she had my sister in 1993 and didn't have any abortions.this is all malinformation, bad ,wrong incorrect information that people just accept as truth.

Nicholas Gomez-burns said...

Anyone gonna read this or what?

jeff h said...

Don't know if the last reply went through so I'll say it again just in case. Your "mom" is a wonderful person. Don't let anyone tell you different. I knew her a long time ago. Ask her if she remembers a cowboy she met at a concert named Jeff. Probably won't. Have her write me a quick email if she wants. Chin up kid. You have a great "mom".