An Inclusive Litany


The University of California, Santa Cruz hosted a conference titled "Exposed!" at which performance artist Annie Sprinkle showed excerpts from her X-rated videos, one of which was called "Why Whores Are My Heroes." Another workshop featured Berkeley researcher P. N. Fucella advocating his practice of anonymous bathroom ("tea room") sex.

University of Southern California student Annabel Chong and two other women performed sex acts for a class project, prompting disapproval from another student: "The bottom line is a girl got penetrated with two dildos for a grade."

And a "World Pornography Conference" is scheduled to be hosted by California State University, Northridge in August. Topics include: "Visual and Carnal Pleasures in Hard-Core Pornography; Class Struggles: Pornography on Campus; No Limits: Necessary Danger in Male Porn; Beyond 'Looking for my Penis': Asian Queer Porn; Porn 101: Assimilating Pornographic Material into the College Classroom; Cyberspace and Interactive Sex; How a Family Planning Experiment Became a Sex Products Business; Bikini Science; Apes, Our Species, and Pornography; Child Pornography: Forbidden Thoughts and Images in an Erotic Landscape; Bathhouse 101 as a General Education Requirement; and My Buddha, My Love Guide: Kundalini Handballing in the New Age Sex Underground."

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