An Inclusive Litany


From the lead news item on the front page of the University of Pittsburgh's daily newspaper, the Pitt News, November 29, 2001:
Wearing a three-foot, five-pound double dong around his neck, Todd Wonders, a representative from, advised students to start small when it comes to anal penetration.

If you've never put anything in your ass before, you don't want to start with this, Wonders said, gesturing to the two gigantic members hanging from his shoulders.

Sex Toys 101, sponsored by Rainbow Alliance as part of World Aids Week, sought to inform students of some of the dangers of sex toys. Wonders, along with co-worker Lauren Calloway, informed students about the different kinds of sex toys and how to use them safely....

According to Calloway the best kind of dildo to use is one made out of silicone.

You can hand it down from generation to generation, she said. And it's dishwasher safe.

Silicone tends to warm up to body temperature with use, Calloway said, plus it's very flexible and transmits vibrations well. According to Calloway, they are also ideal for anal penetration as they are flared out at the bottom and cannot get lost in the rectum....

Wonders talked extensively about anal penetration. According to him, the most appropriate object for beginners to place in their anus is a finger—preferably their own.

If you're really inexperienced with anything anal, start small, Wonders said. Also, you can never use enough lube, especially when it comes to putting things in your ass....

Many students turned out for the event, most of them curious about the different kids of sex toys.

"I'm very interested in sex toys," said freshman Crystal Sickles. "I've never experienced any type of sex toy, so I wanted to come and try it out."

Above all, Calloway and Wonders stressed the importance of safe sex. Because this event was a part of World Aids Week, they urged students to know the sexual history of their partner and to always use some sort of protection even when it comes to sex toys.

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